salvage of a lifetime

clara oswald and lindsay james are the loves of my life



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But 101 Places to See, and you haven’t been to any of them, have you.
That’s why you keep the book.

I keep the book because I’m still going.

Sophie Turner, Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden for Oxfam during Glastonbury 2014


SFX Issue 251 Doctor Who Covers

The issue goes on-sale Wednesday 23 July, priced £4.99. [x]


Seems like the new minister for Culture has been visiting the Doctor Who set - Sajid Javid MP with Peter and Jenna on the Tardis set.

Poor Malcolm, and poor Peter - still unable to avoid politiicians.

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i will never be over how perfect series 7b is.

"I don’t know where I am. I just know I’m running. Sometimes it’s like I’ve lived a thousand lives in a thousand places. I’m born, I live, I die. And always, there’s the Doctor. Always, I’m running to save the Doctor, again, and again, and again. And he hardly ever hears me. But I’ve always been there."

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love urself but love clara oswald more


Thirteen Sad Farewells with Passenger on Primrose Hill in London for WONDERLAND SESSIONS :)

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